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For the 2021-22 School Year

1. Please contact Mrs. Green at about auditioning for the various choirs.

2. Students should prepare short video(s) to submit for their audition.


a. A Vocal Solo that is 45-60 seconds.


b. For Show choir vocal and dance auditions please reach out Mrs. Green for more information.


For the 2022-23 School Year

2022-2023 Audition Information

Concert Choir - Select Advanced Mixed Choir

Treble Choir - Select Intermediate Women's Choir

Mixed Choir - Beginning Mixed Choir - no audition necessary. Class currently not available.

Show Choir - Premier Mixed Show Choir Ensemble


VOCAL Auditions for ALL Choirs - January 31 & February 2nd 2:30pm - 4pm(sign-ups will be posted in the choir room. You may also email Mrs. Green for an appointment)

Your audition will consists of the following items:

1. Sing "My Country Tis of Thee" or "Happy Birthday" in a comfortable key acapella.

2. Sing your choice of a vocal solo that is 30-60 seconds acapella.  

3. Sightread a short melodic 8 measure example on "la" or using solfege.  This will be given to you at the audition.


Please note that masks must be worn during the audition or students may audition outside for part of their audition if they would prefer.

Please be prepared to provide your music experience and to express why you would like to be in our choir program.


DANCE Auditions for Show Choir  - TBD

Show Choir Audition Clinic & Parent Meeting- TBD

Show Choir Auditions - TBD

If you would like to view part of our practices that occur on Thursday evenings from 6-8pm, please contact Mrs. Green.


For any auditions-  If you are not able to audition in person, audition videos may be submitted via email to Mrs. Green at

2021-2022 Audition information

As a 501(c)3 organizations, all donation are tax deductible, and we will provide you a receipt if you choose to provide us with your address.

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