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La Cueva Choir Boosters is a 501(c) organization and supports the Choir Director and students of the La Cueva High School Choir Program. We depend on parent support and volunteers to help with fundraising to support and offset the costs associated with running an outstanding choir program.


Our Choir Boosters and Board members are parent volunteers who hold monthly meetings to support events, concerts and performances throughout the year. We provide parent assistance and volunteers throughout the year and and promote the choral department to the public and the school community.


As explained in the Bylaws the Booster Organization “exists for the purpose of supporting the Choir Director and students of the La Cueva School Choir Program.” It further states that “we will abide by all Choir Director /Choir Program decisions, all APS School Board policies and procedures and all LCHS Administrative policies and procedures.”

In addition to fundraising we also:

  • Handle most of the money coming in and out of the program.

  • Help organize volunteers and chaperones as needed for various choir activities including show choir costumes, equipment and sets, retreats, trips, MPA, and state competition.

  • Help organize events to help showcase our students at the school and around town as well as organize a banquet at the end of the year.

  • Help Mrs. Green plan and organize trips.


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